Chris Weitz Talks Fourth “American Pie”

Out doing press for the “New Moon” DVD/Blu-ray release later this month, director Chris Weitz tells Movieweb that the upcoming fourth “American Pie” feature will go by the title “American Reunion”.

Weitz says “I know that Universal wants to do it. We want to be involved in it. Because of the affection we hold for the story and the characters. We want to get as many former cast members back as possible.” Weitz specifically states that list would include “Star Trek” and “FlashForward” star John Cho who had a small role in the original trilogy – “it would be great if we could get him back.”

Weitz also joked that the film could go the 3D route, but for the most part it “would be about the nostalgia element. For the time that it came out, for how people felt when they first saw it and now to experience it again with all the pathos and humor that implies.”