Chris Pratt’s Helmet & More “Guardians” News

Filmmaker James Gunn has posted another behind-the-scenes photo from Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”. This one giving us a closer look at Chris Pratt’s Star Lord mas- from the time the actor was trying on the prototype.

Actor Vin Diesel recently saw the film and posted an update on his Facebook page: “I have to share this… My youngest who is 3 yrs old, has never been to a movie theater before in his life. Today, I was invited by Disney and Marvel to see the latest cut of Guardians of the Galaxy and I was able to take the angels. WOW!!!!! To Marvel, Disney, the incredible cast and team and especially James Gunn… Thank you for making a GREAT MOVIE! It was amazing and will always be special, for it was the first film I was able to take my family to see and oh how they loved it.”

The film has also launched a cheeky tie-in viral site designed to look like a website for organising holiday packages, but actually contains a lot of little bits of information about the film along with a few jokes.