Chris Pine’s Jack Ryan Goes To “Moscow”

Jack Ryan, the hero of most of author Tom Clancy’s earliest works along with four feature films, is taking on the Russians again it would seem.

Pajiba reports that Paramount’s planned reboot of the series starring Chris Pine as Ryan has scored the new working title of “Moscow”.

Scribe Adam Cozad joined the production a few months ago to perform a rewrite of Hossein Amini’s original draft, and now details on the newest draft have come to light.

The first of the films not to be based on a specific book, the story will nevertheless use elements from the series. In this case the action picks up with Ryan in his pre-CIA days having left his stint in the Marines to become a successful financial analyst.

In the books he worked for Merrill Lynch, in the film he’s moved to Moscow with his wife to serve as advisor for a billionaire employer, an employer who sets Ryan up as the fall guy for a terrorist scheme that aims to collapse the U.S. economy.

Ryan then goes on a race to clear his name, stop the plot and save his wife who has been taken hostage.

So far so dull, but the off-screen twist here is that the story borrows heavily from “Dubai”, a script Cozad sold back in 2007 to producer Lorenzo diBonaventura who also serves as producer on this series.

That script, which at one time had Eric Bana involved, followed an American economist who moves to Dubai an uncovers a terrorist plot to cover a huge drop in the value of the U.S. dollar, leading to mass starvation.