Chris Pine Gives Jack Ryan Update

“Star Trek” actor Chris Pine has been attached to “Moscow”, Paramount’s reboot of Jack Ryan franchise, for quite some time as the project has picked up heat and stalled in a seemingly endless loop in recent years. In Cannes this week, Empire Online asked the actor as to the film’s current status.

“The latest is that it looks like it’s happening. We have a script, and the beginnings of the production are happening” says Pine who also admits he’s already talked with one of the former Jack Ryan actors, Alec Baldwin, about taking on the role. Kenneth Branagh is the latest linked to direct this project.

Can Tom Clancy’s hero still work in this day and age? “The trick with that one is to try to find a way to make an American spy movie in 2012 that’s just as current and apropos to the world situation, what it means to be an American spy, as it was in the Cold War era. it’s a little bit more difficult now, and tricky, but if we get that right, we’ll make an intelligent thriller.”