Chris Nolan’s WW2 Epic “Dunkirk” Is A PG-13

Filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s WW2 epic “Dunkirk” has been surprisingly handed a PG-13 rating. ERC Box Office announced the MPAA’s verdict which awarded the rating for “intense war experience and some language”.

While there never was any indication that Nolan was aiming for an R-rating during production, and he hasn’t made an R-rated film since 2002’s “Insomnia,” the lack of one for a serious war film of this type is unexpected.

Films like “Saving Private Ryan” and “Hacksaw Ridge,” which this has already been compared to, scored R ratings. The PG-13 also implies a lack of graphic fighting scenes. Nolan earned a hefty $20 million up-front fee for directing the film along with 20% of the gross, making it the biggest directorial deal since Peter Jackson’s “King Kong”.

“Dunkirk” is said to be told from different perspectives on air, land and sea. It opens in cinemas on July 21st.