Chris Nolan Is Not A Fan Of Netflix’s Plans

Traditionalist firm in their belief in theatrical windows are not big fans of Netflix, the streaming giant who insists on going day-and-date with their theatrical releases.

The company is paying the price to some extent, as their films are only getting limited theatrical runs while rivals like Amazon who take a more traditional approach get bigger returns at the box-office.

Yet Netflix is operating with a bigger goal in mind and so far they’re making an impact as this Summer has shown that, with only a few exceptions, audiences are seemingly starting to turn away from theatrical releases and are happy to wait until films hit the VOD or SVOD arenas.

One person who is a staunch traditionalist is filmmaker Christopher Nolan. Talking up the release of “Dunkirk” this week, Nolan revealed he’s not a fan of the Netflix business model and their seeming ambition to smash the theatrical release model:

“Netflix has a bizarre aversion to supporting theatrical films. They have this mindless policy of everything having to be simultaneously streamed and released, which is obviously an untenable model for theatrical presentation. So they’re not even getting in the game, and I think they’re missing a huge opportunity.

I think the investment that Netflix is putting into interesting filmmakers and interesting projects would be more admirable if it weren’t being used as some kind of bizarre leverage against shutting down theaters. It’s so pointless. I don’t really get it.”

The comments come as Netflix has blown past expectations for the second quarter with a further 5.2 million new customers signing on.

Source: Indiewire