Chris Nolan Helms Short Doco “Quay”

Twin animators Stephen and Timothy Quay have done shorts and full on features for several decades.

The Film Stage reports today that “Inception” and “The Dark Knight” filmmaker Christopher Nolan and his company Syncope have teamed with Zeitgeist Films to curate Blu-Ray releases of the Quay’s work.

On top of that, Nolan has directed the short documentary “Quay” about the animators, with the short to premiere in New York on August 19th. Nolan along with the Quay brothers will appear in conversation at the two screenings to discuss their work.

“Quay” will screen alongside three of the brother’s shorts – 2000’s “In Absentia,” 1986’s “Street of Crocodiles” and 1991’s “The Comb”. All four films will be presented in 35mm.