Chris Nolan Has A Warning For Cinema Exhibitors

Appearing at the London Film Festival the other day to talk about the future of cinema, “The Dark Knight” filmmaker Christopher Nolan offered a warning to cinema exhibitors – shape up or you’re done.

The Guardian was in attendance at this LFF Connects discussion seminar, which was co-sponsored by the British Film Institute, and reports that Nolan told the audience that they could no longer simply expect to get bums on seats with a giant screen – the whole theater going experience must improve to make today’s swollen ticket prices worth it:

“For some reason, it has become acceptable to say [to audiences] we are providing this empty room with a TV in it and just watch a film. That has to change and if it doesn’t change, forget film, forget digital, if that experience for the audience is not valued, people stop going.”

Nolan also continued championing for film as the primary medium of movie making, and the nuances of film are within the medium itself and are irreplaceable:

“I have conversations with studio heads and at some point when I’m passionately advocating using film they’ll say ‘at the end of the day doesn’t storytelling trump everything?’ I say ‘no it doesn’t, otherwise we’d be making radio plays, it would be a lot cheaper.’ What has crept in is that it has become acceptable for [cinema] theatre owners or distributors to say film is more expensive.

Nolan’s next film is due out July 2017.