Chris Meloni Joining “Man of Steel”

Christopher Meloni has begun talks for a role in the Superman reboot “Man of Steel” at Warner Bros. Pictures reports the trades. Which role he’ll take is being highly speculated about, some suggesting Lex Luthor while others saying Perry White.

Vulture however revealed that he plays “a general” in the film with the role to be shot at different times over a five month period starting late August in such places as Chicago, Vancouver, and Edwards Air Force Base. Could he be playing Lois’ father General Sam Lane? We’ll see.

The news comes as Meloni bows out of NBC’s “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” after more than a decade serving as a cast regular. The Zac Snyder-directed, Chris Nolan-produced, David Goyer-penned “Man of Steel” hits theatres Christmas 2012.