Chris Hemsworth On Playing More Thor

Returning home to Australia, Chris Hemsworth spoke to Channel 7’s “The Morning Show” earlier this week and discussed playing Thor in the Marvel films and his future in the role.

While other Marvel actors like Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans have hinted at moving on, Hemsworth isn’t so ready to give up his cape:

“It’s three times I’ve played the character now; [which] has made me look at it in a different way. We just shot the Avengers [sequel] and finished a couple months ago. It’s exciting if not more than the first one was to see all those characters come back together.

I still got three more [movies] in my contract that I need to finish off, but I love playing the character. So, I’m not in any hurry to finish doing that. It’s nice to be able to fit different things in between [playing Thor.]

The quote is a little confusing as ‘Ultron’ marks Hemsworth’s fourth time in the role.

Source: Fashion & Style & The Morning Show