Chris Hemsworth Joins McBride In “Dundee”

Speculation is still rampant regarding “Dundee,” the apparent film hitting this summer that came out of nowhere with a teaser trailer last week.

That trailer showed comedian Danny McBride as Brian Dundee, the long-lost American son of Mick Dundee (Paul Hogan), and was produced by Rimfire Films – the company behind the first two movies in the franchise.

Now it has been revealed that whatever this project is, “Thor” star Chris Hemsworth is also onboard playing Wally Jr., the son of John Meillon’s Walter ‘Wally’ Reilly and Mick’s oldest friend in the original films.

In the project Wally Jr. is described as the heir to his father’s outback tour company: “This expert outdoorsman prides himself on knowing all the is to know about the land down under. But even he will have his hands full keeping his new American friend out of trouble.”

Check out the announcement video below of Hemsworth’s casting.