Chris Hemsworth Could Play Doc Savage?

Hidden with a report today over on THR that “Iron Man 3” director Shane Black will direct and produce the reboot of 1987 action classic “Predator,” comes word that Black has apparently met with “Thor” star Chris Hemsworth for a project.

That project? The “Doc Savage” movie which Black has been attached to write and direct for over a year. The project is having budgetary issues and it’s presently unknown when Sony Pictures will move forward with it.

Black has previously said whomever they get to play the Man of Bronze has to be a “perfect physical specimen,” a man who exudes “symmetry and perfection”. That pretty much describes Hemsworth, the 6’3 Australian considered a textbook case of having “won the genetic lottery”.

Black also says the aim is to bring the film’s story back to the property’s 1930s pulp comic roots.

Source: Movieweb