Chris Evans On His “Captain America” Future

Like many actors who sign up for Marvel Studios films, Chris Evans is under contract for six movies. With “Captain America: Civil War” in the can, it’s looking like his participation as Steve Rogers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is drawing to a close.

Evans, who was highly hesitant to play the role initially, is now contemplating his options and seems content enough that we might well see him continue on past his “Avengers: Infinity War” commitments. Speaking with Collider, he says:

“Listen, if Marvel wants me they got me. I’ve never had such a relationship where you have such – I mean look at my resume, I’m used to being on set being like, ‘Ah is this movie gonna be terrible?’

Marvel just can’t stop making great movies, they do it in their sleep. It’s wonderful directors and producers and actors and scripts, and it’s like a playground as an actor.

It’s so mind-boggling that I was so tentative in the beginning to jump onboard. What an asshole I would be if I hadn’t done this. I mean can you imagine? Kicking myself-I’d never forgive myself.”

The question is of course if Marvel plans to keep the character around or kill him off like in the famous comic storyline.