Chomet’s “Thousand Miles” Begins Production

“The Belleville Triplets” and “The Illusionist” director Sylvain Chomet has announced that he’s begun production on “The Thousand Miles” at Savoy & Gregory. The project marks the multi-talented French filmmaker’s long-awaited return to the animated genre which he previously tackled in 2003 and 2010.

Effectively the helmer’s English-language debut, dialogue plays a large part in ‘Miles’ unlike his previous two animated films. Newcomer James Lipsius along with two iconic American actors with Italian roots will voice the lead characters in a film said to be primarily inspired by the dream journals of iconic Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini.

Set in an early 1980s Italy, the story follows two ageing brothers who, separated by life, reunite through their shared life-dream to compete in Italy’s Mille Miglia vintage car rally – the world’s most beautiful road race. What follows is a metaphysical journey filled with love, laughter and sorrow.

Though entirely in 2D hand-drawn animation, the visual style will vary considerably and range from quirky 1920s cartoons to 1970s hallucinogenic pop art. Chomet penned the original screenplay based on a treatment by the film’s producer Demian Gregory.

Chomet and his animation team will initiate character design and storyboarding later this month, followed by production animation with actors ahead of a 2017 release.

Source: Variety