China Blocks “Deadpool” Release Due To Content

20th Century Fox’s film adaptation of Marvel’s “Deadpool” comics has proudly stood by its R rating which allows it to get away with graphic violence, nudity and language.

Unfotunately a side effect of that is the film has now been denied permission to screen in the world’s second-largest movie market, China, due to that very reason. China has no ratings system per se which means the country’s media regulator can either approve or ban cosumption of material which will be available to Chinese viewers of all ages.

China’s censorship board often works with the Hollywood studios to create cleaned-up cuts of R-rated films, but sources close to the “Deadpool” decision say it wasn’t possible to remove the offending material in this case without causing plot problems.

“Deadpool” opens in U.S. cinemas on February 12th.

Source: Heat Vision