Children of Men The TV Series

“Bionic Woman” executive producer David Eick tells SCI FI Wire that he’s working on a pilot script for a proposed TV series based on P.D. James’ novel “Children of Men”.

Alfonso Cuaron’s 2006 film of the same name scored great acclaim, but it departed quite dramatically from the novel – using only the basic story concepts. This new show is expected to follow James’ work much more closely.

“It’s really taking root more in the origins of the novels in that it will focus on the cultural movement in which young people become the society’s utter focus. Much like our culture, whenever Lindsay Lohan does something [and] it becomes the headline of every news show, it’s about how, when you don’t have a responsibility to the next generation and you’re free to do whatever you want, where do you draw the line?” says Eick.

Eick adds it will question how society defines responsibility, freedom and a sense of values when it doesn’t necessarily believe humans will survive as a species. “So it’s a very compelling, I think, human question that science fiction has always explored extremely provocatively. It’s not really a war show like the movie was. It’s more an exploration of that issue.”