Child 44 Is Bombing Badly At Box-Office

One of the more interesting looking films going into the year was “Child 44,” a film adaptation of the acclaimed 2008 novel. Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman and Noomi Rapace starred in the film about a soldier in 1950s Soviet Union who tracks a serial child killer, at the same time facing a communist bureaucracy that would not acknowledge such a ghoul could exist in its midst.

Unfortunately it may leave 2015 with a less ignominious title – as one of the year’s biggest bombs. The Daniel Espinosa-directed film opened on 510 screens on April 17th and raked in a woeful $622,000. Things did not improve in the second week, the film dropping 67% on the same number of screens.

Now Deadline reports that the film’s release has been shrunk to just 24 screens, and its $3.3 million worldwide total so far is disastrous for a film that cost over $50 million. Reviews haven’t been a saving grace either with the film scoring just 41/100 on Metacritic.

The same article has also revealed that the first cut ran at a whopping 5.5 hours long as opposed to the 137 minute runtime of the final film. Faults seems to not be on one specific thing, rather a multitude of errors across the board.