Chiklis Joins Willis In “10 Minutes Gone”

Chiklis Joins Willis In 10 Minutes Gone

Michael Chiklis (“Gotham,” “The Shield”) and Kyle Schmid (“Six”) are set to star opposite Bruce Willis in the crime thriller “10 Minutes Gone” which marks the first project that Helios & Matheson Analytics has acquired for use with its MoviePass Films banner.

Originally produced by Emmett Furla Oasis Films, the story follows a man who loses ten minutes of his memory due to being hit by a stray bullet during a bank heist gone wrong.

He must put the pieces of his broken memory together in order to find out who sabotaged the job and took the money, all while being pursued by a powerful crime boss hellbent on recovering the cash.

Meadow Williams, Swen Temmel, Sergio Rizzuto, Tyler Jon Olson, Lydia Hull and John Hickman also star and filming begins next month in Ohio. Brian A. Miller will direct from a script by Kelvin Mao and Jeff Jingle while Randall Emmett, George Furla, Shaun Sanghani, and Hull will produce.

Source: Deadline