Chenoweth Out Of “American Gods” S2

Chenoweth Out Of American Gods S2

Emmy Award-winning actress Kristin Chenoweth has confirmed that she won’t be returning for the upcoming second season of Starz’s fantasy drama series “American Gods”.

Chenoweth played Easter, the goddess of spring and resurrection, but only appeared in one episode. Before Fuller and Michael Green’s departure, she was originally set to return for several Season 2 episodes.

Her decision follows the departure of original co-creator Bryan Fuller, whom Chenoweth is close friends with and Chenoweth says: “I couldn’t come back without him. It wouldn’t be right… Let me just say this: Those people are also my family, it came out of [author Neil] Gaiman’s brain, who is a genius. But ultimately…I mean, Bryan’s my guy.”

Recently it was revealed that production on the second season has stalled following numerous troubles that have led to it being nearly two months behind schedule, while showrunner Jesse Alexander has been somewhat pushed aside by the network.

The series will return in 2019.

Source: TV Line