Check Out The Body On “Green Lantern”

When the first reveal came of the “Green Lantern” costume via an EW cover, the reaction was hardly enthusiastic. The subsequent first trailer did little to improve that reaction.

Of course the buzz around the film itself has undergone a turnaround after the successful WonderCon footage was screened for press and posted online. Now, Warners has released full body shots of Ryan Reynolds in character in the CG outfit and the result is a lot better looking than that initial impression.

The darkening of the thighs and biceps to an almost black color like the comic is a better look (and I like the ribbed texture). Not sure what’s going on with the Incredible Hulk feet (a podiatrist’s nightmare), the CG VPL has unfortunately rendered him a eunuch for mass consumption, still not sure on the mask. Overall though, not bad. Check them out for yourself below: