Che Duo Re-Team On Falcone

“Che” writer Peter Buchman and director Steven Soderbergh are reteaming on the undercover mob story “Making Jack Falcone” for Paramount Pictures says The Hollywood Reporter.

The film will tell the story of Joaquin “Jack” Garcia (aka. Jack Falcone), a Cuban-American FBI agent who successfully went undercover in the Gambino crime family.

Garcia, now retired, is one of the few FBI agents to nearly become a made man in the mob. He assumed a host of aliases from New York to Miami, and his ability to shape-shift between Sicilian, Cuban and other ethnicities is expected to provide red meat to an actor adept at assuming different identities.

Buchman is writing the script under Soderbergh’s guidance, Michael Shamberg and Stacey Sher will produce, and Soderbergh will executive produce.

The project joins several mob and undercover projects in development at Paramount including William Monahan’s undercover prison tale.