Chastain May Star In “Mercury 13” Event Series

Actress Jessica Chastain is teaming with “Sully” writer Todd Komarnicki and TV producer Christina Wayne for the event series “Mercury 13” which has a “Hidden Figures”-style element to it.

ITV Studios America will produce the story which looks at a little-known group of women in the early 1960s who were denied a chance to be part of the Mercury space program.

In 1961, scientist William Randolph Lovelace II embarked on a secret experiment… to see if sending women to space was a viable option as it was for men. He sought out thirteen of the most daring and determined female pilots in the country, who were willing to risk it all to be part of the space race.

The women passed and even outpaced some of the men on the same battery of tests as the male Mercury 7 astronauts. NASA, the U.S. Congress and the president himself conspired to crush these women’s dreams – meaning it would be more than 20 years before an American woman got to space in 1983.

Komarnicki penned the project with all three aforementioned names executive producing. Chastain may also star in the project.

Source: Deadline