Chastain Confirms Her “X-Men” Villain Role

Jessica Chastain has now officially confirmed her role as the villain of the currently in production “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” at 20th Century Fox.

In an Instagram post, the actress included a shot of her with co-star James McAvoy saying she can’t wait to get to the set of the film in Montreal and terrorise him. Chastain name has been linked for several months but never confirmed by the studio.

The post doesn’t confirm if she’s playing the villain she’s been rumored for, that of Princess-Majestrix Lilandra Neramani of the Shi’ar alien empire who has come to Earth to capture and kill Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) who holds the ultra-powerful Dark Phoenix force within her.

Simon Kinberg penned and directs the new “X-Men” film which will be the last released of three “X-Men”-related features next year following the more horror-oriented young adult-targeted “X-Men: The New Mutants” and the “Deadpool” sequel

“X-Men: Dark Phoenix” opens November 2018.

Hey @jamesmcavoyrealdeal you ready for me up in Montreal? Im gonna make you cry so hard #xmen @simondavidkinberg

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