Charlie Sheen Demanding Big Bucks

In an interview with NBC News’ Jeff Rossen on the Today show this morning, Charlie Sheen used the opportunity to demand a raise to $3 million per episode should the sitcom return, and for network CBS to apologise – “Look what they put me through… They owe me a big one [apology] – publicly – while they lick my feet” said Sheen according to Reuters.

Sheen says he wants to do both film and TV in the future with a third “Major League” movie, a “brilliant” script by Roman Coppola and Nick Cassavetes’ “God Is a Bullet” as potential future projects – “and they are so excited I might be available, because I haven’t been for eight years” he says.

Addressing show creator Chuck Lorre by talking direct to camera, Sheen asked why scripts weren’t ready for when he tried to return to work and accuses Lorre of “dictatorial laziness” which hurts the show’s crew.

Meanwhile, an excerpt from his upcoming ABC News interview that has screened on “Good Morning America” revealed that he plans to sue CBS and Warner Bros for pulling the plug on the remaining season of “Two and a Half Men” – a lawsuit that could be worth up to $300 million. “I’m here to collect. They’re going to lose. I would recommend they pay the crew and get the season back on board” says Sheen.