Charlie Kaufman Doesn’t Like Clooney’s “Mind”

Acclaimed scribe Charlie Kaufman has a back catalogue of films that anyone would be jealous of having – from his writing gigs like “Being John Malkovich” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” to his directorial efforts like “Synecdoche, New York” and “Anomalisa”.

Yet one film on his resume that he’s not keen on talking about is the George Clooney-directed “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” which Kaufman wrote. Financially a bit of a dud, the Sam Rockwell-led film was nevertheless well-received by critics. However, Kaufman was not a fan of the result.

Speaking with Marc Maron, Kaufman says: “I didn’t like it. That was a movie in which I was not consulted. I mean, George Clooney changed the script, he didn’t talk to me during production. We kind of didn’t get along. I was invited to see the movie when he was pretty much done and I wrote a bunch of notes and gave them to him and I guess it was offensive to him.”

Kaufman was much more hands on with his other films, and has previously stated that ‘Confessions’ was more of an assignment he wrote ten years before it actually got made and essentially he was done with it by that point.