Charlie Cox Signed The ‘Save Daredevil’ Petition

Daredevil S3 Officially Set For Oct 19th

Like many of the show’s fans, actor Charlie Cox is upset about the cancellation of Marvel and Netflix’s “Daredevil”. The series, in which he played the titular blind superhero, was abruptly axed shortly after the airing of its third season – one that was considered a return to form after an uneven second.

Those involved in “Daredevil” were already pitching and planning storylines for the next season, and in a new interview with The Playlist he teased that he was made aware of what those were: “I knew little details – because typically I don’t like to know the whole story whilst it’s being written – but I knew the basics of the ideas that they had, and I was very excited.”

Cox confirmed to the outlet he anonymously signed the recent #SaveDaredevil petition: “I wasn’t sure about adding my email because I’m not very technically savvy, and I didn’t want to suddenly put my email online; I don’t know if it was visible or not. But what I did do is I made a fake email for my two-year-old daughter, and she signed it [laughter].”

The #SaveDaredevil petition has reached over 200,000 signatures at present, while there are reportedly no plans in the works at the moment for resurrecting the current form of the character either on Netflix or the upcoming Disney+ streaming service.