Charles Roven Talks Dark Knight

Out doing press for the upcoming heist thriller “The Bank Job”, producer Charles ‘Chuck’ Roven spoke with IESB.Net about how the strike has affected his upcoming projects – specifically “The Dark Knight” and the upcoming Flash movie.

In regards to “The Flash” stand-alone movie he says that it “is one project where we’ve got a really great director and a really great writer with a great take on the material…I’m hoping that with the directors settling that a path has been created for a solution.”

What about a third “Batman”? Roven says Nolan keeps his mind focused on the present and so isn’t considering sequel talk right now – “He [Chris Nolan] didn’t even read the [Dark Knight] script until he was in post-production on The Prestige. So while I’m sure there’s definitely interest in being involved in a third one somehow, he’s not thinking about it.”

Roven isn’t keen on mixing his franchises in the way that Marvel does though – “we have Batman and he’s working. I hope that we’ll have the Flash and he’ll be working. At the moment, I like them being in their own universes. It’s hard for me to think about something in the future. I know that if we’re fortunate enough for their to be another installment of Chris Nolan’s Batman, I don’t know if I would want to bring another DC character into that.”

As for the Justice League project and the potential crossover confusion? “The Batman character in that one has nothing to do with our Dark Knight. Had that happened, he would have been played by a different individual. We did talk about how we would handle it if Justice League would have been made prior to Flash being made. We talked about how we would deal with that. We hadn’t come to any resolution because we hadn’t written the script yet but I’m saying that it came up. At the moment, at least in my little world – well, not so little but you know what I mean – I get to be myopic and get to focus only on The Flash and The Dark Knight. I don’t have to worry about Justice League at the moment.”

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