Chariots of Fire Duelling Sequels Set

A rival sequel to 1981 Best Picture winner “Chariots of Fire” is in the works it seems according to THR.

The original ‘Chariots’ followed the friendship between Eric Liddell, a devout Scottish Christian runner whose refused to compete on Sundays, and British Olympian Harold Abrahams who endured anti-Semitism. Both ran in the 1924 Olympics.

A while back came word of “The Last Race,” a follow-up of sorts with Joseph Fiennes starring as Liddell and the film being a primarily Chinese production. Stephen Shin will co-direct the film which will downplay Liddell’s religious beliefs.

Now comes word of “Absolute Surrender,” a $20 million independent film which will explore how the Chinese-born Liddell returns to China after the Olympics to follow in the footsteps of his Christian missionary parents.

He also raced sporadically in China and ultimately ended up dying in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in 1945. Eric Eichinger and Howard Klausner are co-writing that film which is expected to play up the Christianity angle. No director or stars are attached yet.

Liddell’s daughter Maureen Liddell Moore calls “Absolute Surrender” a “gift.” But of “The Last Race” she says: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”