Channing Tatum Talks X-Men “Gambit” Movie

During the press rounds for “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” producer Lauren Shuler Donner confirmed reports that actor Channing Tatum would take over the role of card-throwing Cajun mutant Remy LeBeau (Gambit) in the “X-Men” franchise. Tatum himself had used other interviews earlier in the year to express a keen interest in the role.

Now, out doing press for this weekend’s animated feature “The Book of Life,” Tatum himself offered MTV an update on how the proposed solo Gambit film is going. From the sounds of it, the project is still in early stages:

“We’re finding a writer and sort of beating it out. We really do want to try our hardest to give something fresh. We’re obviously going to go to the saving the world superhero movies eventually, but not for the first one.

We kind of want to introduce this character in a very different way, and when you try to do something different, you never know, right off the bat, what that is. It takes a little time to get it right. We’re really just feeling our way, and we have to prove that concept of that person.”

Will Gambit be introduced in “X-Men: Apocalypse” as rumored? We’ll see.