Channing Tatum Still Set For “Gambit”

Speculation blew up this weekend that actor Channing Tatum may have departed the upcoming “X-Men” spin-off movie “Gambit”. This got some people upset as the same rumor indicated he did it due to his deciding to take on a different superhero role in a DC Films Universe movie.

Now Latino-Review have been in touch with a deeply embedded source who says that the rumor is bull, 20th Century Fox is moving forward with “Gambit” and Tatum remains committed to the project.

The site also indicates speculation of him appearing in the DC Films Universe is off the mark, but not entirely out of the question as Fox apparently doesn’t have the same non-compete clause Marvel Studios put in their contracts.

The “Gambit” film, which was to open in October, has yet to begin filming or set a release date.