Changeling Ensnares Eastwood, Jolie

Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment are rushing ahead with the thriller “The Changeling”, based on true events in 1920s Los Angeles reports Variety.

Clint Eastwood is looking to direct and Angelina Jolie in talks to star in the story of a woman whose son is abducted but soon retrieved. However not long after she suspects that the returned child is not her kid and must confront corruption in the LAPD.

Scripted by “Babylon 5” creator J. Michael Straczynski, the project had been on Ron Howard’s shortlist to direct – but his commitments to “Frost/Nixon” and “Angels and Demons” meant they had to look elsewhere. Eastwood then quickly came aboard.

Production aims to begin later this year, though how Jolie will handle the film along with her “Atlas Shrugged” commitments is unknown at present.