CG Animated “Terminator” Won’t Be Back?

Within a day of it being announced that the “Terminator” franchise was making a comeback through a 3D animated feature, the franchise’s future is once again on uncertain ground.

Hannover House and Red Bear Entertainment issued the press release announcing the $70 million “Terminator 3000” project on Thursday, Hannover House’s Eric Parkinson telling Deadline that the announcement was released earlier than intended “only because one of the potential production partners spoke publicly about it”.

In any case the news obviously upset franchise rights holder Pacificor who quickly issued a cease and desist letter to the company. However it seems Parkinson, who once headed the home video division of original “The Terminator” film production company Hemdale, claims to own “certain proprietary rights” that allow him to make the film – specifically the animation rights.

With financial backing in place, and a hefty rights fee (in the realm of $20-30 million) that would be owed to Pacificor, the companies have apparently arranged a meeting in the hopes of coming to a deal. Pacificor still owns “certain intellectual rights” and Parkinson admits that “it would be dangerous for us to do this without Pacificor’s approval”. It seems the outcome of this upcoming meeting will likely determine the project’s fate.