“Celeste” Developer Cancels “Skytorn” Plans

Celeste Developer Cancels Skytorn Plans

The most critically acclaimed indie video game of last year, the platformer “Celeste,” was developed by a team who have sadly announced over the weekend that they have had to cancel another project – the procedurally-generated Metroidvania-style game “Skytorn”.

Developer Noel Berry said in a blog post on Saturday that: “We’re no longer going to be finishing ‘Skytorn’. I’m really sorry for those of you who were excited about this game. We were too. We poured a lot of time, energy, and heart into the project and we’re definitely sad it’s never going to see the commercial release we were hoping for.”

The project was in the works before “Celeste” but was put on the back burner. When work on “Celeste” was completed in May, the team were then faced with the tough decision of reworking “Skytorn” or kicking off work on something new.

Though they tried, ultimately the game “just never figured out what it was”. Its procedurally-generated elements apparently clashed with the Metroidvania ones – and ultimately it was broken to its core. As a result, they’ve moved onto something new which they can’t talk about yet.

Source: Variety