CBS’ “Star Trek” Series Timeframe Revealed?

There’s still a lot of questions regarding the Bryan Fuller-produced “Star Trek” TV series currently in the works for CBS All Access, the big ones of course are when and where it will be set.

The J.J. Abrams-directed films are set around the late 2250’s and essentially bypass decades of canon by taking an alternate timeline. The setting of a new “Star Trek” TV series is a tricky one because it could quickly run into all sorts of continuity plot holes.

Today, Birth Movies Death seems to have uncovered what the setting is. According to them the new show is set in the original classic continuity. More specifically it will take place in the opening years of the 24th century – after the events of “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country” and opening of “Star Trek: Generations” in 2293 but before those in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” which had a first season set in 2364.

This means we may well see the original series red movie uniforms back on screen, even though this will NOT center around the Enterprise and its crew. They also hear the series will be heavily serialized and Fuller has found a way, despite the Khitomer Accords being setup in the sixth film, to still be able to feature villainous Klingons.

The new series is currently targeting a January 2017 release. In related news, the Justin Lin-directed “Star Trek Beyond” will score its second trailer at a fan event being held in Los Angeles next month.