CBS Pulls “Me, Myself & I” From The Schedule

Last season TV networks, loathe to officially ‘cancel’ a new series anymore due to the negative connotation that comes with that word, opted to simply pull shows from the network schedule without officially announcing cancellations until they absolutely had to (ie. right before the upfronts). It avoided bad PR and kept their options open.

This ‘non-cancellation cancellation’ was a garishly transparent move but they stuck to their PR line. Well they’re at it again with CBS today pulling its Bobby Moynihan-led low-rated freshman comedy “Me, Myself & I” after six episodes from the schedule – marking the first non-cancellation cancellation of the season.

CBS ordered thirteen episodes and says the show “will return to the schedule at a later date” which suggests the remaining episodes will be burned off sometime during a low ratings period. A “Big Bang Theory’ repeat will take its place next week, followed the week after by the launch of the second season of the Matt LeBlanc-led “Man with a Plan”.

Source: EW