CBS Films Moves Up Mirren-Led “Winchester”

CBS Films has announced a release date and title change for their upcoming film about the Winchester haunted house. Now named “Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built,” the inspired by true events film is slated to hit cinemas on February 2nd 2018.

“Predestination” and “Daybreakers” helmers Michael and Peter Spierig direct the film about firearm heiress Sarah Winchester (Helen Mirren), who was convinced that she was haunted by the souls killed at the hands of the Winchester repeating rifle.

After the sudden deaths of her husband and child, she threw herself into the 24/7 construction of an enormous mansion designed to keep the evil spirits at bay. A skeptical San Francisco psychiatrist soon learns her obsession may not be insane.

Jason Clarke, Sarah Snook and Angus Sampson also star in the film which Tim McGahan and Brett Tomberlin will produce.

Source: CBS Films