CBS Cancels Sci-Fi Series “Salvation”

Cbs Cancels Sci Fi Series Salvation

CBS has cancelled the summer sci-fi drama series “Salvation” after two seasons.

The series follows Liam Cole (Charlie Rowe), an MIT grad student, and Darius Tanz (Santiago Cabrera), a tech superstar, who bring Pentagon official Grace Barrows (Jennifer Finnigan) a staggering discovery – that an asteroid is just months away from colliding with Earth.

Now with the added threat of nuclear war on the horizon, they work together with Secretary of Defense Harris Edwards (Ian Anthony Dale) to find a way to divert the asteroid, stop the war and save humanity before time runs out.

The second season premiered in June with a 0.4 rating and 3.34 million viewers, down 43% on the first season.

Source: TV Line