CBS Cancels Halle Berry’s “Extant” Series

CBS has canceled its summer drama event series “Extant” after two seasons.

The series, which wrapped its second season this September, revolved around astronaut Molly Woods (Halle Berry) who is inexplicably pregnant when she returns home to her family after thirteen months on a solo mission in outer space.

Though popular in its first season, the series underwent a big change in its second season, dropping many of its subplots and taking out more than half its key cast. Unsurprisingly its popularity declined, ratings dropping to a 1.1 and 6.35 million viewers an episode. Critical reviews for both seasons were not good.

CBS does plan to remain in business with Berry though and has announced it is developing a legal drama with the star entitled “Legalese”. Steven Lichtman (“The Good Wife”) will pen the story of a biracial lawyer from Chicago who follows a case to New Orleans where she teams with a white attorney while working in a very particular justice system.

Source: Variety