CBS Cancels “Doubt” After Two Episodes

In a refreshing change, CBS’ legal drama “Doubt” has become the first series of the 2016-17 TV season to be officially cancelled by a major broadcast network.

The midseason show starring Katherine Heigl and Laverne Cox aired just two episodes of the thirteen that were produced, but the network has already pulled the plug following poor reviews and even worse ratings. It’s unclear when of if the remaining eleven completed episodes will air.

The series will be replaced by a repeat of “Bull” next Wednesday, with the new season of “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” taking over the slot the following week.

The outright axing marks a welcome straightforward end to a series for this season. Numerous other new series that have failed to launch have had order episodes ‘trimmed’ and are effectively dead, but haven’t been officially cancelled just yet such as “Conviction,” “Frequency,” “Notorious” and “No Tomorrow”. This leaves many of those involved in those shows in contractual limbo and unable to move onto other gigs.

Source: The Live Feed