Cavill Joins Woody Allen’s Next

24-year-old Henry Cavill (TV’s “The Tudors,” “Stardust,” “Tristan + Isolde”) has joined the cast of Woody Allen’s untitled romantic comedy which has started production in Queens says Reuters.

Cavill plays a man who is set up with Evan Rachel Wood’s character by her mother. Larry David also stars as Wood’s love interest. The script, penned by Allen, is being kept under wraps. Allen also is co-starring and directing the Wild Bunch-funded film.

Cavill recently wrapped the second season of “Tudors” which begins airing March 30th on Showtime. He first came to notice in 2001’s “The Count of Monte Cristo” and has become famous in casting circles for consistently coming runner-up for three major roles – Bruce Wayne/Batman in “Batman Begins”, Clark Kent/Superman in “Superman Returns” and most famously James Bond in “Casino Royale”.

With Bond he came so close that it was really only his young age which prevented his casting. Many still expect that when Daniel Craig retires from the role, Cavill will immediately be the top contender to replace him.