Cavill: “Batman v Superman” Is Cinematic History

Much like “Man of Steel,” the upcoming “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is rumored to include an epic fight sequence that will dominate much of the movie’s third act.

Whatever the case, there’s a lot of pressure on Zack Snyder’s film to deliver the goods, which includes being considerably better than “Man of Steel” following the decidedly mixed reaction to that first outing in the DC Cinematic Universe.

In a recent interview with The Daily Mail (via HCN), the film’s star Henry Cavill has been talking up the film and claims it’ll be a film to remember:

“It’s Zack Snyder so it’s going to be a visual spectacle and it’s cinematic history. We’re doing Batman and we’re doing Superman and it’s all happening at the same time so fingers crossed it turns out to be as exciting as I think it is.”

He was also recently asked by The Anglophile Channel about how long he thinks he’ll be playing the character, to which he said:

“As many as it takes. I love the character. I love working with Warner Bros. and what they’re doing with it, and so fingers crossed I’ll be able to tell the story for many, many years to come.”

Cavill’s deal will almost certainly encompass his already filmed first two outings plus the two-part “Justice League” movies, and a potential direct solo sequel to “Man of Steel”.