Caviezel & Karvan Take A Weekend

Jim Caviezel (“The Passion of the Christ”) and Aussie actress Claudia Karvan have joined the cast of the Jamie Blanks-directed remake of Colin Eggleston’s thriller “Long Weekend” reports Shock til You Drop.

Blanks is adamant that there will be no computer effects, and plans to stick closely to the original both story and shooting wise – “I don’t want to re-invent it, I want to remake it, put my style on it. The couple in the film, they’re relationship isn’t going to be so cut-and-dry as in the original film. There will be some complexities to that, but I’m going to go for the ambiguity the original had – maybe nature rose up, maybe it didn’t. That’ll all be in place.”

Everett De Roche (“Storm Warning,” “Razorback,” “Road Games”) is adapting “Weekend” based on the script he wrote nearly 30 years ago. Blanks is currently preparing to shoot in some remote areas of the Victorian coastline of South-Eastern Australia.