Catwoman Packs A Punch On “Knight” Set

Anne Hathaway has reportedly given a stuntman a “massive black eye” after accidentally shoving the butt of a gun into his eye socket on the set of “The Dark Knight Rises” reports The Sun.

Hathaway plays Selina Kyle, aka. Catwoman, in the film and was said to be shooting a hand-to-hand combat scene when the incident happen. An insider said “It was all in good humor but the poor guy took quite a pummelling.”

The gracious star, “mortified” by what she did, has given the stuntman a silver pen with the inscription “Remember no-one packs a punch like Anne” as an apology gift.

If this means Hathaway is now shooting scenes in the Catwoman outfit, some are now wondering if the studio will release a good quality first look photo (ala Tom Hardy as Bane the other week) of Hathaway in character before potential blurry paparazzi photos emerge and ruin the effect.