Cats Musical Finally Gets A Movie?

It is one of the most famous musicals of all time, and yet a film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Cats” has always been a tricky proposition due to the nature of the work.

Now, Webber tells The Daily Mail that Universal’s success with the “Les Miserables” film has renewed the studio’s interest in the long languishing adaptation of “Cats”:

“I haven’t seen the [Les Mis] film but it’s fantastic for musicals because everybody wants to make them again. Universal has now got Cats out of the drawer in which they locked it years ago when they bought the rights and suddenly they’re talking about a film.”

The show has been running for over three decades and is the second-longest running show in Broadway history, behind only “The Phantom of the Opera”. It also spawned a number of famous songs, most notably “Memory”. Despite this, Webber admits he doesn’t know how audiences will react to a film adaptation:

“You never know in life. We never knew whether the public was going to love Cats until the moment we saw a cat go on stage. It could have been the most terrible moment of bathos in musical theatre. I remember sitting backstage waiting for the response. Somehow we got away with it.”