Catherine Hardwicke Hints At Next Project

Out doing press for the home video release of “Red Riding Hood”, filmmaker Catherine Hardwicke tells Collider that neither “The Maze Runner” and “The Bitch Posse” will be her next project.

Instead, her next film is being shot in Sweden and Germany and is a return to her earlier work like “Thirteen” and “Lords of Dogtown”.

Hardwicke says “it’s really wild. I can’t quite talk about it, but we’ll probably do the announcement in a couple of weeks. it’s a very fun, very crazy story that goes back to more of my ‘Thirteen’ days. it’s more indie, raw and gritty, and it’s a true story.”

In regards to ‘Posse’, she says she, the film’s writer and actress Virginia Madsen have been working on that for the last few days but it’s still some time off as there’s a lot of script work to be done before production can begin.