Catching Fire’s Budget Jump, IMAX Poster

After “The Hunger Games” grossed $691 million worldwide from a $78 million budget, it’s no surprise that the upcoming sequel “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” saw a budget increase.

In fact, ‘Fire’ is said to boast a far more sizeable budget of $130 million. THR has an apparent breakdown of where that additional $52 million is being spent.

The film’s star Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly scoring a pay increase from $500,000 for the first film to nearly $10 million for “Catching Fire”. The male stars also got a minor salary bump.

Another $10 million was spent expanding the visual effects for the sequel. The remaining $30 million has been spent to portray the broader scope of the film with more epic scenes, more locations, and a longer production schedule.

Lionsgate has also released a new and quite artistic IMAX poster for the film which you can see below: