Catching Fire Could Be 2013’s Biggest Opener

The earliest studio predictions are out for the opening weekend box-office figures for “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” when it hits cinemas in three weeks.

The first film opened to a whopping $152.5 million. Lionsgate insiders are keeping conservative numbers, suggesting the sequel will open in the $140-150 million range.

Other studios however are saying it’s likely the film will easily cross the $175 million mark and could go as high as $190 million, making it the biggest opening of the year and second biggest of all time between “The Avengers” ($207M) and “Iron Man 3” ($174M).

The original film went on to gross $691 million worldwide, $408 million of which was domestic. “Catching Fire” is expected to score better returns in international territories this time out.

Source: THR