CastleBright Picks Up Spy Thrilers

CastleBright Studios has picked up acclaimed author Andrew Kaplan’s 80’s and 90’s spy novels “Scorpion,” “Dragon Fire” and “Hour of the Assassins” in the hopes of creating another Bourne/Bond style franchise reports Coming Soon.

Set apart from the others, Hour of the Assassins will see a stylized makeover with a skewed reality in the same vein as Sin City, and tells the story of a sympathetic assassin who becomes the hunted when the world’s most powerful regimes allow their top killers one synchronized hour to settle any last scores.

Douglas and Gupta will also script the adaptation along with comic book scribe Heather Kenealy.

Whereas Scorpion, arguably the most popular of the Kaplan’s books, will stay truer to the novel, and centers on a loner agent of the same codename whose cynical sense of humor is outshined only by his stealthy talents.

After being sent into the volatile Middle East to rescue a congressmen’s daughter sold into slavery, he discovers interweaving mysteries, high-voltage adventure and nothing is what it seems. With “Dragon Fire” serving as sequel material, a search is on for a writer to adapt.