Casting: Weston, Campbell, Messner, Moura

Taken 3
Jonny Weston (“Chasing Mavericks,” “Project Almanac”) has joined the cast of Olivier Megaton’s “Taken 3” at 20th Century Fox. Weston will play the boyfriend of Maggie Grace’s character.

Grace, Liam Neeson, and Famke Janssen are set to reprise their roles while Forest Whitaker has also joined the cast. Luc Besson will produce the film which begins production next week. [Source: Variety]

Bremen Town Musicians
Neve Campbell (“Scream”) has scored a voice role in Lawrence Guterman’s CG animated feature “Bremen Town Musicians”. This reimagining of the Russian folk tale and Brothers Grimm story about an incompetent wizard’s search across space and time for the greatest musical troupe in creation.

Campbell will portray Princess Lielle, who is betrothed to the narcissistic Duke Henri (Jeffrey Wright), trapped in a gilded cage and dreaming of freedom from a life she never wanted. [Source: Heat Vision]

Johnny Messner, Ronen Rubinstein, Shawn Christensen, Jon Abrahams and Jordan Gelber have joined Eli Morgan Gesner’s horror film, Condemned” for Caliber Media. Filming begins in New York in April.

Set in a mysterious Manhattan building on the Lower East Side, an infection causes a residential building’s inhabitants to go on murderous rampages. Dylan Penn, Lydia Hearst, Honor Titus, Genevieve Hudson-Price, Anthony Chisholm, Kevin Kirkwood, Kea Ho and Michael Drayer also star. [Source: Bloody Disgusting]

Brazillian star Wagner Moura (“Elite Squad”) is set to play Medellin Cartel leader Pablo Escobar in Jose Padilha’s new series “Narcos” for Gaumont International Television and Netflix.

The 13-episode first season of the series will chronicle the life of Escobar, the ruthless cartel boss and known terrorist who also was a congressman, a family man and revered by the poor as a new Robin Hood. [Source: Deadline]