Casting: Tyler, Brie, Winstead, McDonell

The Leftovers
Liv Tyler is set to co-star with Justin Theroux in the Damon Lindelof-produced, Peter Berg-directed HBO drama pilot “The Leftovers”. The story takes place after the Rapture happens and follows those people who didn’t make the cut.

Tyler plays a young woman on the verge of getting married, but needing an escape. As a result, she becomes a target for recruitment by members of an enigmatic cult. [Source: Deadline]

No Stranger Than Love
Alison Brie, Justin Chatwin and Colin Hanks have been announced as the stars of Nick Wernham’s currently filming rom-com “No Stranger Than Love” from Wernham Entertainment.

Brieplays an attractive and kind high school art teacher in the small village of Spot Valley, filled with men secretly or openly in love with her. [Source: THR]

Mary Elizabeth Winstead (“Live Free or Die Hard,” “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”) has been cast in the John Hillcoat-directed Cinemax drama pilot “Quarry”.

Winstead will play Joni, wife of Quarry (Logan Marshall Green), who is one of the few who stands by her husband after he returns from the Vietnam War. The character now earns a living as a cold, remorseless hitman. [Source: The Wrap]

I’m Obsessed With You
Thomas McDonell (“Prom,” “The 100”) is set to star in Jon Goracy’s indie drama “I’m Obsessed With You” based on a play by Genevieve Adams. Filming takes place in New York City and the Hamptons.

The story is set at Darby College, days before graduation, where four best friends and members of a notoriously eccentric improv group look to the future. [Source: Variety]